Water Leak Detection and Repairs

Vineyard City secures its drinking water from wells and various sites in Utah Valley, coordinated through the Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) and Orem City. The Vineyard City Public Works oversees the distribution of culinary water to residents and businesses. In response to the city's growth, the Public Works Department strategically manages the delicate balance between limited water resources and the demands of rapid expansion. This includes the implementation of water-efficient fixtures and the promotion of prudent water usage practices among residents and businesses.

Residents in Vineyard City can take a proactive approach to water conservation by monitoring and addressing potential leaks in their homes. The EyeOnWater website provides a valuable tool for residents to track their water consumption in real-time, enabling them to detect unusual usage patterns that may indicate leaks. By regularly checking their water usage on the EyeOnWater platform, residents can identify and promptly address leaks, contributing to overall water conservation efforts. This proactive engagement empowers residents to play an active role in ensuring the efficient use of water resources, promoting sustainability, and collectively contributing to the responsible management of Vineyard City's water supply.
EyeOnWater, requires your Vineyard City Utility Account information.