Utah County Sheriff's Office

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office currently provides all law enforcement services for Vineyard City. Vineyard City and The Utah County Sheriff’s Office have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship for many years and look forward to continuing this partnership.

There are currently 13 Sworn Personnel/Deputies, who provide 24/7 law enforcement services to the community. The staffing plan includes a Lieutenant, two Sergeants, one Detective, eight Patrol Deputies, and one School Resource Officer. Along with the sworn personnel, the Vineyard Division is also staffed with a three-quarter-time Office Specialist. Our depth is even greater with the support of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office team of specialized units. These units include Utah County Metro SWAT, K-9 Teams, Investigations Division, Accident Investigation Team, Search and Rescue, Emergency Services, and Recreation Teams.

Vineyard City has seen exponential growth over recent years, which has made it one of the fastest growing communities in Utah. With its approximately 22,000 residents, Vineyard is a relatively young city with many families and children. With this unique demographic and rapid growth, The Sheriff’s Office is taking a proactive approach to providing the best public safety and service by implementing programs such as Neighborhood Watch, NOVA, Public Safety Fairs, etc.

The Sheriff’s Office and Vineyard City are partnering to provide the best, most efficient and cost-effective law enforcement services available to the great residents of the community. The Utah County Sheriff’s Office is honored to serve the residents of Vineyard.