Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division is where the vision of the City’s future is crafted and carried forward. It is where big ideas start to become a reality through development. It provides direction and leadership of the implementation of goals, objectives, and policies of Vineyard City. Planning and Zoning is also responsible for the orderly development of the City and the administration of various land use regulations, development applications, and design standards.  

Zoning Administration: Grand construction projects and ideas start to become a reality here. Staff spend a considerable amount of time and effort in assisting in all aspects of development including large commercial projects, residential additions or accessory building and uses, and land uses. They also serve as a professional support staff for the Planning Commission and in helping to develop and interpret the Vineyard Zoning Code. Much of the built environment by these ordinances and codes and how they are applied.  

Long Range Planning: The City puts a lot of effort into working with residents and stakeholders creating a long-lasting vision for the future. This includes maintaining a General Plan for the City that includes goals and policies, as well as several Master Plans that work in supporting these goals and policies in greater detail.  

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