Common Code Violations

How many unrelated people can live in a house?
A total of four unrelated people can live in a home.  
Accessory Dwelling Units
Are ADUs allowed in Vineyard?
Yes, they are allowed in Vineyard if they meet the requirements listed in   
Where are ADUs allowed?
  • As a detached structure with at least 12,000 square foot lot  
  • Within a home, provided the lot is at least 5,200 square feet and meets all applicable building and fire codes
*Mobile homes, travel trailers, boats, or similar RVs are not permitted as an ADU 
What are the parking requirements for ADUs?
A single-family dwelling with an accessory dwelling unit shall provide a minimum of five (5) onsite parking spaces located on a paved surface or approved driveway.

Only driveways or parking pads 
containing a minimum length of eighteen feet (18’) may be counted toward required onsite parking. The minimum length of a driveway counting toward onsite parking shall not include any land associated with street rights-of-way, sidewalks, or public property/access.

All onsite parking spaces shall 
contain a minimum width of eight feet (8’). Property owner parking shall not be parked tandem with tenant parking, and tenant parking shall not be parked tandem with owner parking. The area dedicated to onsite parking and driveway surfaces shall be limited in compliance with VZC Section 15.38.030(2)(b).
How many people can live in an ADU?
One family or up to four unrelated individuals may reside in an ADU.  
How do I apply?

Visit our applications page

Either click on “register account” or “Sign into existing account” depending on if you have an account with City Inspect.

  • Once you are signed into City Inspect, click on the “Business Licenses” module.
  • In the top right corner, right below your name and the “Business Licenses” tab, there is a link that says, “Apply for a new license”, click on that.
  • Select “New Application”
  • Fill out the application
    • Application Date: Today’s date
    • Expiration Date: Today’s date
    • Permit Type: Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
    • Category: Rentals
    • Business Name: Whatever name you decide for the business
    • Business Phone: Your phone number
    • Business Email: Your email address
    • Display Name: Owner
    • Is this a residence: Yes
    • Site Address: Your address
  • Skip the rest of the information and click “continue” at the bottom of the page.
  • On the “License Info” page, change Located in a Residence to “yes” then click “continue”.
  • For the “License Files” page, we need you to upload two documents.
    • Parking Plan: This will show us that you have 2 designated parking spots for the ADU on your property. These two spots cannot park tandem with the property owner. You could upload a picture of your drive way and explain which section belongs to the tenets or upload a drawing with measurements.
    • Floor Layout: This layout will show us what exactly is the ADU in your house. We need to see exactly what the current floorplan is. We also need it to indicate your total square footage for the ADU.
  • Once you upload those, you can click on “Submit License”.
  • We will then review your documents.
  • We will contact you about the payment needed for the license and inspection ($100)
  • Once paid, we will schedule a time to inspect the ADU for accuracy.
  • If passed, our office will email you your business license.
  • If failed, any corrections will need to be made to the ADU and a new inspection will be completed


When you fill out the application, you have a couple of options for the business name:


    1. Your legal name with nothing else added.  IF you use your legal name only, then you do not need to register a business name with the state.  OR:
    2. A business name, which you will first need to register with the state of Utah Department of Commerce’s OneStop Business Registration website.  This will reserve your business name and register your business as a legal entity in the state of Utah.  You will be issued a business entity number, which you will include on the city business license application.  To register your business name, go to:


After submitting the online application, these are the two things that you will also need to do before your ADU Business License can be issued.


    1. ADU inspection - Schedule and pass an inspection with Planning and Zoning Department by contacting Rachel Stevens by email ( ) or phone (at the number below and select option 2 for Planning and Zoning). 


    1. Fee - The initial fee for the ADU business license  is $100.  You may pay with either cash or check, or pay with a credit card.  We are charged a 3% fee for credit card payments, which we pass along to you, making the total $103. If you wish to pay with a credit card, just let me or Cache know and we will email you a secure payment link.


Once I receive fee payment and Planning/Zoning advises me that the ADU has passed the inspection, I will issue the ADU Business License.

Every two years you will need to renew this license, at which time a $50 renewal fee will be due and you will need to schedule an inspection with the Planning Technician/Code Enforcement Officer.  After the inspection is approved, I will renew the license.

If you would like more information about ADU zoning regulations, please see the Accessory Dwelling Units section of the Vineyard  Zoning Code, and call the Planning and Zoning Department with any questions.



Can I park on the street?
While street parking is allowed, it is prohibited to leave any vehicle for 48 or more consecutive hours on the street at any time of year or when there is snow.  
What is considered refuse?
  • Lumber, junk, trash, or debris
  • Abandoned, discarded, or unused objects or equipment, such as furniture, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, cans, or containers
When is refuse considered a nuisance?
Unsheltered storage of old, unused, stripped, and junked machinery, implements, equipment, or personal property of any kind that is no longer safely usable for the purposes for which it was manufactured for a period of 30 days or more (except in licensed junk yards) within this municipality is hereby declared to be a nuisance and dangerous to the public safety. 
Why is maintaining weeds important?
Maintaining weeds helps stop the spread of seeds, which in turn helps lower the number of weeds growing in our city.

Keeping yards-maintained also helps encourage friendly, beautiful, and walkable neighbor- 
When would weeds be considered a nuisance?
Vineyard City requires that weeds be within 4 inches of the ground; anything over can be considered a nuisance. 
Recreational Vehicles
Where am I allowed to park my RV?
Recreational vehicles must be parked on the side or rear of the yard and screened from front yards by a fence. (Vineyard Zoning Code 15.34.100)   
Why am I not allowed to park my RV in the driveway or on the street?
This helps us guarantee that no sidewalks will be obstructed by trailers and that streets are clear from unnecessary trailers parked on the side of the streets