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Neighborhood Street Parking Concern

  1. If you are experiencing parking issues in your neighborhood please complete the following form. 

    The city currently allows neighborhoods that are experiencing parking issues to apply for an overnight parking restriction. There are two options for parking restrictions. 

    1. An overnight parking restriction that applies to all vehicles. Enforcement done by ticketing through Utah County Sheriff's Department.


    2. A permitted parking program that would restrict overnight parking to only those with a parking permit issued by the city. Enforcement done by contract with a towing company.  In this option, residents in a neighborhood would be allowed to purchase 1 parking permit from the city annually at a cost of $60.00 per year. 

    a.    In order to restrict overnight parking within a subdivision, the city requires that 75% of the property owners within the subdivision sign the petition. This form will serve as the petition to make it easier for residents to “gather signatures”.

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