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Application to Serve on the Bicycle Advisory Committee

  4. For example, you may have a personal view on a proposal. Would you be able to investigate fairly, interview other citizens, and support views that may be different from your own?

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    I understand that any omission or misrepresentation of information may cause my application to be rejected or, if I am hired, may cause me to be terminated. I authorize any employer accepting this application and any person, organization, former employer, or other entity listed in this application to ask or answer any and all questions about me and I agree not to sue and to hold harmless any person or entity that provides information or expresses an opinion about me or my performance. I understand that this document is an application for employment and not an offer to employ me. I understand that if I am employed, my employer may terminate me at any time without reason or explanation. If hired, I agree to protect the confidentiality of any confidential information I obtain as a consequence of my employment. If hired, I agree that the value of any advance payment, property issued me, or other debt I owe my employer shall be due upon termination of my employment and may be deducted from wages or other payments owed me at the time of such termination.

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