How has the City staff prepared for potential flooding impacts?

The city’s Streets and Stormwater team is very experienced, with each member having over 18 years experience in the field.  Additionally the city's Water and Sewer team is fully staffed with state certified and trained operators, with the team's manager having over 20 years of experience. Additionally, the manager sits on the TSSD board and is well aware of sewer concerns that may be facing the city and the region. The Public Works Director is a Professional Engineer and a seasoned emergency responder to infrastructure and structural failures due to natural disasters, including flooding. 

In addition, the city staff has implemented a City Emergency Management Plan to include an Evacuation Plan which is available to Vineyard City residents at its city’s website.

Emergency Management Plan

Vineyard City Evacuation Map

If residents have concerns of their private plumbing within their house, they may call the City's Building Department at 801-226-1929

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11. How has the City staff prepared for potential flooding impacts?
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