Mardi Sifuentes

Mardi S

  • 2022 through December 31, 2025

  • Economic Committee Zoning

  • Alpine School District

  • Planning Commission 

  • LPC- alternate

  • Bike Commission

  • Recreation & Events Division

  • Senior Programs library, local things

  • Parking Subcommittee w/ Cristy

  • Events

Contact Information

I am a graduate of Utah Valley University and a 4-year resident of Vineyard. I married the love of my life 17 short years ago and together we’ve created three incredible boys who are not only my pride and joy but have also worked me harder than any job I’ve had or business I’ve run… and I love it! We are an active family that enjoys watching and playing all sports. Soccer is the clear favorite in this home, but skiing, hiking, golf, tennis, football, basketball, baseball…you get the idea. We love serving in our community and getting to know our neighbors. On top of being a mom and serving on the city council, I spend a lot of time in my baker’s kitchen where I bake and sell homemade sourdough bread for my business, Vineyard Bakery. It’s a passion of mine, mostly because I enjoy being able to share something wonderful with those that I love while meeting and making so many new friends. 

I am excited to serve on Vineyard City Council! I love our city and want so badly to help shape our future while representing Vineyard’s citizens. Vineyard is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. I plan to focus on our economic development, smart zoning, safety, transportation, and parking. Specifically, I look forward to the development of Downtown Vineyard. Attracting the right businesses and planning smart access and parking will be vital for the area. What we do now will have a lasting effect on our community. 

I recognize and thank God every day for my family and the opportunities he has placed in my path. I am grateful that so many of you put your trust in me by voting me into this position. I won’t let you down. I am going to put my heart and soul into this position and hope to be proud of what we accomplish together.