Recreation, Arts, and Park (RAP) Tax

On July 10, 2019 the Vineyard City Council voted to put an opinion question on the ballot for the 2019 Municipal General Election. The question on the ballot shall read:

"Shall Vineyard, Utah, be authorized to impose a .1% sales and use tax to help fund recreational amenities, park facilities, and cultural arts facilities and organizations in Vineyard?”

As Vineyard continues to grow, so will the needs of our residents. In order to expand the recreation, arts, and parks offerings in Vineyard, residents will have the opportunity to vote on a proposed sales tax called the Recreation, Arts, & Parks Tax, or RAP Tax for short. 

Here are a few things you need to know about the proposed RAP Tax in preparation for the November Election:

  •     The RAP Tax is 0.1%, which equals 1 penny for every 10 dollars spent. 
  •     Anyone shopping in Vineyard will pay the tax on eligible purchases, whether they are a resident or not. 
  •     Funds generated from a RAP Tax are reserved for specific projects including: recreation programs, cultural              arts programs, and parks.
  •     The tax can only be levied for 10 years and then it must be reauthorized by the voters.


Vineyard is preparing a Voter Information Pamphlet which will be mailed to each registered voter prior to the election. This pamphlet will include more information regarding the RAP Tax, as well as arguments for and against the tax, neither of which may exceed 500 words. If you would like to write either statement for the pamphlet, please contact City Recorder Pamela Spencer at 801.226.1929 no later than September 3  to make your intentions known and for further details. Arguments are due no later than September 6.