John Earnest

John Earnest


  • 2018 THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2021


My name is John Earnest and as a member of the Vineyard City Council, it has been a privilege to work and serve in its behalf. I am first and foremost a husband and father. My professional background is a retired paramedic firefighter and 20 years of business experience. That unique background allows me to see and do things that others might not.

Due to that experience, our Mayor asked me to focus my stewardship in a safety capacity. Since being elected I have taken multiple seats on boards on behalf of Vineyard in a safety and emergency management role. 

  • Orem Hospital Community Outreach
  • Utah Dispatch 911
  • Utah County Emergency Managers Board
  • ULCT Member and Attendee

Beyond important information needed and passed along from these groups to Vineyard through me, I also felt it important to focus on our city’s safety as a whole. As there is much that encompasses said safety I started with Sargent Rockwell on a program to have one of our Deputy’s be the SRO (School Resource Officer) for our schools here in Vineyard. Having that presence and “boots on the ground” in the event of a catastrophe was something I felt strongly had to be in place. Beyond that scenario, much is being done by our SRO to maximize school safety, learning, and education. That was the first step and we are almost a year into this part of the plan and it has been very successful. I wish to express my gratitude and foresight of our Mayor and Council in unanimously voting this in and putting our children’s safety first.

The next part of the safety plan for Vineyard is technology that maximizes our SRO’s and Sheriff's ability’s to be aware of as much as possible immediately. More will follow on this part of the plan now that step one was completed in June of 2019.

From an Emergency Manager side, I’m also actively seeking options for grants and preparedness strategy’s we here in Vineyard can implement.

There is so much to do and just know my focus is on the city as a whole as this is Home for me and my family! We love it here and my focus is to keep that going and improve wherever we can. Obviously economic development is a massive priority too!
I am always open to input from anyone. I have much to learn but I promise to keep trying my best and continue a balanced and no-nonsense approach to the development of our wonderful city.