Solicitor's Licenses

WHO NEEDS to register as a SOLICITOR?

Anyone selling a product or service door to door within the boundaries of Vineyard must register with the city and be issued a Certificate of Registration and ID Badge.  This is true even if you already have a Vineyard Business License for your business location.  

The Vineyard Municipal Code states:

5.12.060 Registration of Solicitors
Unless otherwise exempt under this Chapter, any person desiring to engage in door-to-door solicitation within the City, prior to doing so, shall submit a completed application to the Licensing Officer and obtain a certificate. 

WHY DO I NEED To register?

A solicitor registration is required to help ensure the safety of the citizens of Vineyard.  Because the registration process requires a background check on each individual solicitor, citizens can know that those who are coming to their homes selling products or services are individuals who have had a background check.  Our Utah County Sheriff's Deputies are also aware of each active solicitor that is registered with the city.  

HOW DO I register as a solicitor?

Come to the Vineyard City office and apply in person.  You may either print out the Solicitor Packet (below) and bring it with you, or we have them available at the city office.  Bring the following with you:

  • Photo ID (Driver's License, Military ID, or Passport)
  • Utah residents:  an original copy of your criminal history issued by the Utah Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Identification (dated no earlier than 180 days prior to the date of application). For more information, go to their website:  Bureau of Criminal Identification.  Out-of-state residents: an equivalent criminal history report from your home state
  • Headshot photo (or we can take a photo of you at the time of application for no additional fee)
  • $30 Solicitor Application Fee (non-refundable)
We will process your Temporary Certificate and ID Badge and call you when they are ready for pickup (usually the next business day).  

Once issued, the solicitor will wear the Vineyard Solicitor ID Badge at all times while soliciting in Vineyard.

Upon issuance of a temporary or annual certificate, the City shall also issue each registered solicitor an identification badge that shall be worn prominently on the solicitor’s person while soliciting in the City. 

(Vineyard Municipal Code 5.12.110.B)

How Long is a Solicitor Certificate valid?

After accepting a complete application with all requirements, the city will issue a Temporary Solicitor Certificate and Solicitor ID Badge, which are valid for 25 days.  If the solicitor wishes to continue soliciting after the 25-day period, he or she will contact the city.  If the solicitor is found to be in compliance as listed in VMC Chapter 5.12, the city will issue an Annual Certificate and Solicitor ID Badge that will be valid for a year from the initial issue date.

Solicitor's Licensing Documents