Cristy Welsh

Welsh, Cristy Photo

  • 2020 through December 31, 2023

  • Planning, all high-level plans 

  • Economic Development Branding/ Innovation Campus

  •  Parks Division 

  • Active Transportation Committee / Transportation DRC 

  • Youth Council 

  • ARCH Commission 

  • Finance 

  • Water Front Steering Committee and Lakeshore planning

  • Parking Subcommittee w/ Mardi

  • LPC voting

  • Walkara Way / Utah Lake

Contact Information

Growing up my family moved often, but most of my formative years were spent in Houston, Texas. In 2002 I married my sweetheart Jim and graduated with a BA in Media Arts Studies from Brigham Young University. I enjoyed the years I spent working in the film and television industry but happily left my professional life for a time to raise my four children William, Natalie, Hailey, and Jack.

Our family moved from the Pacific Northwest back to Utah over Thanksgiving of 2014 and knew Vineyard was to be our home. I quickly got involved in our community and it was a pleasure to serve on the Planning Commission from 2016-2019. Now as a City Councilor I strive to protect our city’s heritage while thoughtfully encouraging innovative, prudent growth. I am dedicated to maintaining our quality of life and ensuring that we stay connected as a community.

Outside of my civic service, I enjoy my work as the Program Coordinator for Brigham Young University’s Simmons Center for Cancer Research.