Vineyard Youth City Council

The Youth City Council (YCC) is in session. 12-18 year old residents are invited to join. This is a great opportunity to make new friends, plan and participate in city events and service projects, and gain experience in leadership and civic duties. You can apply online by filling out the contact form.

The purpose of the Vineyard Youth City Council is to provide training and opportunity to local youth to interact with the City Council and other important organizations, to allow for an opportunity for input from local youth to local government, to deal with local issues impacting Vineyard's youth. The program is a volunteer program under the direction of the Council Chair or the Council Chair’s delegate. The Vineyard Youth City Council shall communicate information on current City issues, hold meetings, and report back to the City Council. YCC is a great opportunity to serve the community and meet new friends. For more information or to get the meeting dates and times, call 801-226-1929.

Vineyard Youth Council Advisor Application

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Annual YCC events include the Local Officials Day, Egg Drop and Vineyard Days.


It's that time of year again. Save the date and look into attending Local Officials Day. Start planning ahead to be a part of the Mock trial.