Zoning Update Project

Purpose of the Project

Currently, the Town of Vineyard is in the process of updating its zoning code and map. The zoning code is the DNA of the town as it provides a basis for how land is utilized and developed. The purpose of these zoning ordinance and map amendments are three-fold:
  • To allow Vineyard to develop in a smart and organized manner
  • To implement the town's general plan which contains an overarching vision for future growth, land use, open space and transportation facilities
  • To create jobs and support economic development within the town.

Affected Properties

The proposed zoning map and ordinance will affect several properties in town. A letter was sent to all affected property owners to provide an opportunity for citizens to meet with town staff and discuss all proposed changes. Once all public comments have been considered staff will notice these amendments for a public hearing with the Planning Commission and Town Council for adoption.

Please email Morgan Brim, Community Development Director to discuss all proposed amendments. He may also be reached by phone at 385-248-7029.