Economic Development

Why do business in Vineyard?

  • Vineyard has a central commuter rail line and station that are currently under construction. The commuter rail, combined with bus stops, will offer unique access for both commuter and rail traffic within Utah County. The City has immediate access to three I-15 interchanges and further access via several state roads, as well as shoreline access to Utah Lake.
  • Vineyard is the fastest growing community in Utah. In 2010, the City had 130 residents, since then it has grown to 13,000. Vineyard is the last remaining parcel of its size in the middle of Utah Valley, providing a unique infill opportunity for developers. Vineyard is a highly-educated city with an average household income of $91,000.
  • Vineyard is centrally located in the Provo-Orem metropolitan area, with close proximity to Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University – schools that bring more than 70,000 students each year. The Provo-Orem metropolitan area is in the top ten fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States and has a population of more than 550,000 people.
  • Vineyard’s population is characterized by a young median age, high level of education and large family size. The population is composed of highly educated, young individuals who are motivated to work and eager to succeed. More than 95 percent of Vineyard’s citizens have at least a high school degree and 80 percent have attended at least some college.
  • Vineyard also has beachfront access points to Utah Lake. 

Vineyards Future