Sara Cameron


  • 2024 THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2027



I was born and raised in Provo Utah, by the base of Provo Canyon. Graduated from Orem High School. My husband Ted and I have had 6 children. Colby, Shelby (& Conner), Jesse, Drew (& Andrea), Adam, and Sadie. Our family has lived in Vineyard for 6 years and loved every minute.

We started a window treatment company, TCB Blind and Shutter Co. We have been in business for 25 years with only word of mouth advertising. Missing my kids while out on jobs, I started bringing them to work with me. We got pretty good at installing large apartment buildings! They still help me today in between college and career jobs. Working with and spending time with my family is my greatest joy.

I am an active member of the LDS faith and recently started working with the special needs adults every Thursday evening, through the church sponsored program DAP.

Growing up in Provo, gives me a unique perspective on Utah County, both the good and bad. During my childhood, my family often visited Utah Lake where I learned how to water ski. The water quality was much worse than it is now. I lived close by when Geneva Steel was in full refining production. The air would occasionally have small metal sparkles and there were regular air quality warnings. It's concerning to me that the highly populated “Utah City” is planned in the very footprint of the refinery area. A cancer treatment center is especially concerning and slightly ironic, considering this is likely the most toxic land in Utah County.

The next four years will be crucial for the long term plan of Vineyard. We need 2 strong voices in City Council to help slow the proposed extreme high density and lack of consideration for the current residents of our city. Please join our movement!

  •  Allowing immediate access to any and all usable parking. Arrange more parking if needed, asap to provide a better quality of living for current residents.
  • Immediate plan for a Fire Station. 20,000 citizens warrant a Fire Station. Not a 1.7M temporary plan.
  • Citizens of Vineyard should be first priority. Developers should follow the main plan citizens were told when they moved in.
  • Brownfield. aka Geneva hazardous soil. Watch and monitor the toxicity of the land we are living on, implement correct and continual measures to ensure it is safe for all who live here.
  • Lake Shore Cleanup. Provide more usable clean beach areas. There are simple ways to fix this, without chemicals or expensive and continual mowing.
  • Bring transparency to city hallPromote accountability and hold those in charge responsible for decisions that affect all of us.
  • Stop government overreach. Extreme parking and towing regulations that make life difficult for citizens.
  • Reign in extravagant spending of your tax dollars.
  • Keeping promises(Grocery store promised 5 years ago.)
  • Stop “Utah City”. 40-60K people with only 2 access roads is a bad idea. (that’s the entire population of Spanish Fork crammed into 2 square miles)