Home-Based Occupations

Thank you for your interest in locating your home business in Vineyard.  Below you will find instructions on how to apply for a Vineyard Business License.  


  1. Register Your Business. The State of Utah requires that all businesses be registered with the state.  (A sole proprietor using only his or her complete legal personal name is exempt from registration. Call the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code at 1-877-526-3994 for more information.)  Please note that registering your business with the State of Utah Department of Commerce does not license a business with Vineyard. 
    Utah's OneStop Business Registration website allows you to register your business with the following agencies:
      • Utah State Tax Commission
      • Utah Labor Commission
      • Utah Department of Commerce
      • Utah Department of Workforce Services
      • Utah Department of Environmental Quality
  2. If you are moving an existing business to Vineyard: you will need to update your state business registration, including your account with the State Tax Commission (if applicable).  Your state sales tax account must have a Vineyard outlet/location before we can issue a Vineyard Business License.  
  3. If you are planning to open a home day care or preschool, call Kelly to schedule a meeting with city staff where they will review your business plan and Zoning Code and Building Code requirements prior to your submitting the business license application.
  4. Complete and submit the following forms to Vineyard (either in person or via email):
      • Home-Based Occupation Business License Application
      • If it is a home business with "wet processes" such as a hair salon, biodiesel, janitorial, or food/catering services:  TSSD Industrial Pretreatment Survey
      • If you are having clients coming to the home to transact business and you are renting the home: Owner's Permission Form
      • Copy of any necessary occupational licenses or State or County permits 
      • Business License Fee, if applicable (see below)
  5. Depending on the type of business, you may be required to have an initial fire inspection. Home-Based Occupations where clients are coming to your home (e.g. child care facilities, preschools, salons) also require an annual fire inspection. See the Fire Inspection Letter for information on how to schedule a fire inspection.
  6. The fee for a Home-Based occupation Business License is $0, unless any of the following apply, in which case the initial license fee is $50:
      • Customers will be coming to the home to transact business
      • Employees not residing at the home will be employed onsite
      • There will be more than one delivery associated with the business per day
      • There will be unusual traffic created in your neighborhood because of the business

Issuing the License

After all inspections and reviews have been completed and the application has been approved, the City Recorder will issue the Vineyard Business License.