How Do I Vote?

Elections are all vote by Mail. 

Watch for your ballot in the mail. PLEASE DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! 

When will I get my ballot?

Ballots are mailed no later than 21 days before the election. Ballots cannot be forwarded by the post office, so make sure the county has your correct address by visiting

How do I submit my ballot?

After filling out your ballot, just put it in the provided envelope (one ballot per envelope), sign in the appropriate space, and seal it (in two places).

Before Election Day:

  • Mail your ballot. Ballots that are mailed must have a postmark no later than the Monday before the election. Check with your local post office for their hours of operation.  Do not wait until the last minute. If you mail your ballot the day before Election Day take it to the counter at the Post Office to ensure you receive the correct stamped postmark date. Make sure your vote counts!


  • Bring your voted ballot in the sealed, signed envelope to the Vineyard City office building located at 125 S. Main Street during office hours.
On Election Day:
Due to Construction the Voter Service Center will be located at 125 South Main Street on Election day only! 
Bring your voted,
 signed and sealed ballot to the voter service center at 240 East Gammon Road, Vineyard.

Can I pick up a ballot for my neighbor, child, or parent?

Ballots must be mailed to a registered voter’s registered mailing address.  The county will not give ballots to anyone other than the registered voter.

What if I lose or never receive my ballot?

If you have not received your ballot by Monday ______
 (for the Primary Election) or Monday ________ (for the General Election), call the Utah County Clerk’s Office at 801.851.8128 the following day. 

Your voter registration will be checked to ensure that the information is correct.  If the address is correct, a replacement ballot will be sent.  If your information has changed, your registration will need to be updated and a new ballot will be sent.

If you still do not have a ballot on Election Day, please come to the voter service center at 125 South Main Street, Vineyard between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

What if I make a mistake on my ballot?

Up until the Friday before the election
Take your ballot to the Utah County Election Office in Provo:
100 E Center Street, Room 3600
Phone: 801.851.8128

On Election Day
Bring your ballot to the Voter Service Center at the Vineyard City office building located at 125 South Main Street, between the hours of 7:00 am and 8:00 pm.  You will be able to vote with a provisional ballot.
You will need to bring government-issued photo ID and proof of residency or two forms of ID and proof of residency.

What if I have my ballot, but I accidentally threw away the ballot envelope?

Do not put your ballot in an unofficial envelope.  You will need to go to the Utah County Election Office, located at 100 E Center Street, Room 3600, in Provo.  They will give you a new envelope.

Can two ballots be returned in the same envelope?

No, there should only be one ballot in each envelope.  We must have an affidavit for each ballot.
If there is more than one ballot in the envelope, neither ballot will be counted.

What if I forgot to sign the affidavit on the envelope before I sealed it?

If you are not sure whether you signed your affidavit, sign the outside of the envelope.

What if I signed another voter’s affidavit?

Cross off the wrong signature and sign the correct affidavit.  If the envelope has already been sealed, you may sign the outside of the envelope.

What if I can’t sign my ballot affidavit?  Can someone else sign for me?

If a voter is unable to sign, they only need to make a mark (X) for their ballot to count. The mark must be witnessed and the witness must sign the affidavit.
Individuals with power of attorney cannot sign the ballot affidavit for the voter.

For U.S. citizens living overseas or serving in the military:

Vineyard residents who are either temporarily or permanently overseas and all active military personnel, including their spouses and dependents, are eligible to vote by absentee ballot under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens and Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) and Utah Law.  Please apply for an absentee ballot through the state website:

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